June 1st, 2016 Deadline

Facebook Group

(Now closed until 2017)

Calling all visual artists!

It's time for our annual summer postcard art swap!  Photographers, painters, mixed media artists, graphic designers...this is for you!

Over a decade ago a group of arty friends decided to overcome the fear of sharing their art by swapping postcards of their work with each other.  At the time we called it RAK.  As in, Random Act of Kindness.  And everybody loved to get RAKed!  It served three key purposes:

Sharing their art validated their creative voices

Networking with other creative voices fueled their own

It brightened the day of the recipient who opened their mailbox to receive it!

Over the years we have grown in both creative depth and in the reach of our voices.  And now it's time for you to jump right in with us!  The process is simple.

1.  Choose the art that you want to share with the world


2. Have 5 postcards of the art made (I love Moo!)

3.  Enclose the following in an envelope:

* Your 5 postcards

* 5 address labels. Do not affix them! (return address labels are perfect)

* 5 postcard stamps. Do not affix them!  (if you are outside of the USA you must contact me first!)

* Your email address in case there are any problems & for an invite to the Facebook Group page


4. Send your postcards, stamps, address labels and email addy to: 

Sonya Versluys

ATTN: Artistic Whispers

PO BOX 988

Trabuco Canyon CA 92678-0988

Must be received by June 1st 2016!


Must we?  Unfortunately yes, it makes everything run smoothly.

* This must be YOUR original art, but please don't cover it up with a copyright symbol.  It's just a postcard.

* If your envelope is not received on time, your art won't be swapped (I know, so sad!) :(

* You must include a personal message on the back of the postcards (either printed or written)

* You must include your name and preferably contact information too (email, website etc)

* When you receive a postcard in the mail, it's just good manners to say thanks and share :)

* Remember that everyone is at a different stage of their artistic journey and be kind.

What will happen?

Prepare to be amazed!  No really, this is awesome!

After all of the postcards have been received I will be recruiting my two darling teenagers to help me and we will get everything checked in, swapped, stamped, address labels applied, and then organized in to groups to be sent out in intervals over the summer.   You will be invited to join a special Facebook page just for swappers (why I need your email address!) and we then invite you to share your art swaps as they arrive in your very own mailbox.   Who sent them?  Where did they come from?  What kind of art is it?  

If you are sharing on instagram or other platforms please use #artisticwhispers so that we can easily find your art!

So that's it.  Simple, fun and rewarding!  Share with your friends and let's all get RAKed!