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Feb 3rd, 2017 Details and Registration click here

Creative Awareness Through Photography

You LOVE photography. would if only your photos were a little, um, more?  
More interesting.  More dynamic.  More....creative!

Upcoming Workshops

May 7th  Mission Workshop Half Day onsite at San Juan Capistrano Mission - SOLD OUT

June 1st Artistic Whispers Postcard swap - DETAILS HERE

June 12th Full Day Includes field trip to Rancho Las Lomas (not to be missed!)  SOLD OUT

E-Course beta (Invitation only) Second half of year

It’s pretty easy to take photos (um, point and shoot anyone?), however telling your story creatively through photography is more difficult.

Something that I’ve learned in the last 20+ years of writing, photography, and teaching is that every single person has magnificent creative potential BUT only very few people actually know this AND know how to tap in to it.

I also know that FEAR is the number one obstacle to expanding your creative awareness.  Fear of failing.  Fear of trying something new and failing at that.  Fear of not belonging.  Fear of dreaming BIG and being disappointed!

But deep down you know that you are meant for MORE.

And then there is the little issue of just not knowing what to do differently.  A little bit of information can go a LONG way!

Creative Awareness is all about pushing past those boundaries, beyond that little safe container you’re hiding in.  Out of a little something we call your COMFORT ZONE.

Creative Awareness happens OUTSIDE of our comfort zone.  And it’s not scary at all!  It's just NEW!

Let’s get unstuck together.

Creative Awareness Workshops are for you if:

You want to improve your photography

You want to discover your creativity

You want to learn new ways to see your subjects

You want to join with like minded individuals in great locations

You secretly harbor a great desire to expand your awareness of what works, quickly.

This workshop is not for you if:

You want to talk equipment 

You want to talk settings on your equipment 

You want to talk post-processing (I don't even own photoshop!)

You want to network for sales

You want your work critiqued

I will not be discussing how to get your photos sold or what equipment to buy.  I will not be discussing the inner workings of your camera or connecting you with a curator.  We will not be talking about the work to do AFTER you've pressed your shutter release button.

We WILL be discussing basic composition rules and how and when to BREAK them!  We will talk about ways to get great images out of your camera with no post processing work necessary!  We will be hunting details and moving our bodies in search of different perspectives—all with a goal to finding our very own unique creative voices!  Yay!

Coming soon 2016 workshops:

* One day Creative Awareness Workshop in Orange County, CA.  Discussion and Field Trip.  Sunday June 12th.  Workshop at my personal home with field trip to the beautiful Rancho Las Lomas Zoological Gardens and Conference Center.

* Half day Creative Awareness Intensive.  On location at the beautiful San Juan Capistrano Mission, CA. May 7th

* E-Course (beta) - available by invitation only at this time.  4 weeks.  TBA

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